Heart of Carrot

We are semi retired but not tired. Previous business owners, employees and generally caught up in society. Kids are grown and gone and we are out to have some fun.

Dec 1, 2013

Cold, Dinner Party, Thanksgiving

Sometimes I wonder if we really are still in Texas! There have been a few mornings this week that I have felt like maybe we had been transported to Iowa because of the cold! Really...it's been seriously cold!

My Aunt and Uncle stopped down for a visit on Monday and Tuesday...they are from Iowa...and they thought it was cold as well! Monday Kevin and I took them to Evangeline Cafe for dinner. I really like their food. However, they do not have much (if anything) on their menu that is gluten free. My favorite is their veggie poor boy...it is neither gluten free nor dairy free...I also had their fried pickles (not gluten free) and shared a dessert Pistolette (definitely not gluten free) with Kevin. We also took them to our favorite coffee stop Genuine Joe Coffeehouse where I
introduce Aunt Suzie to Chia Almond Lattes...yumo

Nov 25, 2013

Big girl panites, record high, cold front

It has been decided, and for good reason, I do NOT have big girl panties when it comes to going to the dentist. I am a strong, powerful women when it comes to dealing with most things in life, however the dentist is not one of them.

I got my crown and it was an ugly scene. Yes, Valium is good...evidently it is not enough to calm me down...Kevin literally held my hand and dragged me into the office. Anxiety took over BEFORE any procedure started...my heart started to race and the tears begin to fall. Anyway, five hours later everything was finished and we were on our way home.

Having a root canal and a crown cost us around $3,000...ouch! Now, a couple weeks later, a different tooth (I think) is hurting. It has been very very unpleasant. With two of my favorite people coming down to visit this week, the holiday, and Kevin's work schedule, I will not have time to go to the dentist this week...plus we really don't have another $3,000 to spare...I will just have to endure for another week...